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    Price start from : $ 0.44
    as low as : $ 0.44
    Scrapes without scratching or marring, the Lil' Chizler's unique edge allows cleaning of almost any tight space. Use in the kitchen, tool box or on your car when it's icy. Great as a scraper or for cleaning dishes. Materials: ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) Plastic. Product Size: 2 7/8" w x 2 1/4" h x 1/8" d. Product Color: White. Made in the USA.

    Price start from : $ 0.39
    as low as : $ 0.39
    Go the extra yard (and measure it too!) with our Square Yard keychain. Handy, perfect for keeping keys together, and super-useful for taking small measurements. (1 yard tape measure keychain with both inches and centimeters, Includes Silver Split Ring, Large imprint area) Perfect for: open houses, fairs, conventions, real estate offices, contractor trainings

    Price start from : $ 0.60
    as low as : $ 0.60
    Wallet Ice Scraper. Perfect for any type of weather emergency or even help plastering your wall! Remove snow, rain, ice, sleet and dew. 3 sides - squeegee, serrated teeth, beveled edge. Fits your wallet, purse or glove box.

    Price start from : $ 0.75
    as low as : $ 0.75
    Mini auto tire pressure gauge key chain. Aluminum construction. Light weight but sturdy. Measures up to 50 PSI. Strong clip key chain. Screen printed or free upgrade to laser engraving.

    Price start from : $ 0.75
    as low as : $ 0.75
    Ideal for the auto industry, this stylish mini tire pressure gauge is sure to make an impact! Featuring a keyring, it will also hold your keys. Available in a variety of color options, this product measures up to 50 PSI. Improve gas mileage by keeping tires properly inflated. Add your custom imprint for some added brand exposure. An ideal gift or promotional giveaway, invest in the mini double ring tire pressure gauge keychain today!

    Price start from : $ 0.94
    as low as : $ 0.94
    Tape measure with plastic casing, rubber grip and keyring. Plastic with metal tape measure. Rubber grip cover. 39" - inch retractable, locking tape measure. Metal split-ring keychain.

    Price start from : $ 0.97
    as low as : $ 0.97
    Have your marketing campaign "measure" up to expectations with the 5' Mini Round Tape Measure! This compact five foot tape measure proves to be a very useful tool to have around. The 3 7/16" x 1" product measure in both inches and meter/centimeters and the pliable tape is gentle yet very durable. Great opportunities to imprint a message or logo. The handy tape measure is used by pediatricians, OB/GYNs and weight loss centers.

    Price start from : $ 0.97
    as low as : $ 0.97
    Construct a successful marketing campaign with the help of this 5' tape measure! The mini round tape measure fits perfectly in your pocket and comes in handy for all those little jobs. The amazing color variety works for any promotion! Featuring a 5' x 1/4" metric/inch flexible tape blade, this product is ideal for tailoring or home use. Add a custom imprint of your company name or logo for brand visibility. Product dimensions: 2" diameter x 1/2" thickness.

    Price start from : $ 1.12
    as low as : $ 1.12
    Tire gauge with clip. Oxidation recommended for silver items (call or chat for pricing). Excellent promo for the automotive industry including auto repair, sales, and rentals.

    Price start from : $ 1.05
    as low as : $ 1.05
    En-gauge your clients in this one of a kind promo! This stylish tire pressure gauge is sure to make an impact. Available in multiple color options, this product measures up to 50 PSI. Improve gas mileage by keeping tires properly inflated. Customize this handy tool with an imprint of your company name or logo for maximum brand exposure. Ideal for auto industry, invest in this double ring tire pressure gauge today!

    Price start from : $ 0.82
    as low as : $ 0.82
    This is the perfect tool to have on any keychain. This slim flashlight offers 3 bright LED lights, which are ideal to see in the dark. The swivel clasp allows you to attach this light to a wide array of items. If you are in a pinch and need a screwdriver, the body swings open to reveal a standard and Phillips head screw bit. Featuring an ultra bright LED light and a magnetic port for accepting bits, light up your brand name with this fun promo!

    Price start from : $ 1.70
    as low as : $ 1.70
    Your brand will "flash" into your customers' minds when you add your imprint to this flashlight with lantern! Great for outdoor promotions, this slim metal flashlight provides you two different ways of lighting your way. Simply press the on/off switch at the back and light your way like a traditional flashlight, or pull the front to expand the barrel and create a lantern light. Featuring a wrist strap, button-cell batteries are included and inserted.

    Price start from : $ 1.99
    as low as : $ 1.99
    Lightweight, Rich enamel color finish body with metallic Silver accent, decorative dimple and ribbed accents, 9 bright White LED bulbs, Easy-to-use big Black push button. Includes Black strap and batteries. **DISCLAIMER: Due to certain chemicals in hand sanitizers, creams, and detergents rubbing off screen imprinted logos, the recommended imprint method is laser engraving which will not rub off.

    Price start from : $ 1.99
    as low as : $ 1.99
    Minimize the fuss in your campaign with this compact promo! Our Pocket Pal Aluminum Tool Pen is a miniature brushed color and silver finish aluminum pen-shaped tool kit. Its screw-top body holds 4 Flathead and 4 Phillips metal bits, secured at the top by the firm-hold magnet. It also features a shiny silver pocket clip, and your logo is laser engraved along the barrel. It's a perfect marketing "tool" for businesses and homeowners. Measures 5-1/2" H x 3/4" Diameter.

    Price start from : $ 1.26
    as low as : $ 1.26
    This compact, sleek screwdriver with flashlight is perfect for anywhere. The self locking storage in the back holds a total of 6 bits. With 2 ultra bright lights this item includes button-cell batteries (inserted), a slide-out end compartment, slide on/off power switch, and double-ended screwdriver bits (3 flathead, 3 Phillips-head). Made of high impact polystyrene plastic, the screws are magnetically attached to the base.
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    Price start from : $ 2.01
    as low as : $ 2.01
    Connect with your customers when you choose the color connect tape measure as your next giveaway! Ideal for contractors and home improvement stores, this circular promo can be used at home or at the office. Available in different colors to choose from, customize with an imprint of your company name or logo for maximum brand exposure. Product size: 2" Diameter x 5/8"h with 6' metric/English tape blade. Pop your color with this colorful 6' tape measure!

    Price start from : $ 1.39
    as low as : $ 1.39
    Portable 3-bulb LED flashlight with built in carabiner clip. Use as a focused-beam flashlight light or lantern. Carabiner hanging function and slide power switch.

    Price start from : $ 2.39
    as low as : $ 2.39
    Lightweight, rich enamel finish body with metallic silver tip. Use as a focused-beam flashlight or lantern. Includes battery. Carabiner hanging function and push-button on/off switch.

    Price start from : $ 2.29
    as low as : $ 2.29
    Never be left in the dark with this handy emergency item attached to your belongings! With a few turns of the crank, you are powered up and ready. Featuring two white LED lights, an on and off side switch and a manual dynamo crank, customize with a full color process imprint for maximum brand exposure. No batteries required. Perfect for outdoor and safety promotions, shine some light on your brand with this round dynamo flashlight! Part of the Wounded Warrior Project. Over 200 products have been selected from the BIC Graphic family of brands to support WWP. From January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015, BIC Graphic will donate $2 per order on specially marked products.

    Price start from : $ 1.92
    as low as : $ 1.92
    Features: LED Flashlight. Aluminum Body. Rubber On/Off Button. Swivel Connector. Split Ring. 4 AG13 / LR44 Batteries Included.

    Price start from : $ 2.03
    as low as : $ 2.03
    Featuring an ergonomic design, this compact multi-tool is perfect for all. The 5 foot tape measure ensures that you will have the right measurement and the four interchangeable screw bits, as well as an integrated light, will help your valued customers complete their projects. Includes button batteries (inserted). Available in a variety of color options, customize with an imprint of your company name or logo for brand awareness.

    Price start from : $ 2.22
    as low as : $ 2.22
    Features: LED Flashlight. Emergency Whistle. Compass. Aluminum Body. Split Ring. 4 AG3 / LR41 Batteries Included. Split Ring

    Price start from : $ 2.51
    as low as : $ 2.51
    This tire tread tire pressure gauge is sure to make an impact! Perfect for the auto industry, this item measures up to 50 PSI. Improve gas mileage by keeping tires properly inflated. The stylish tire tread pressure gauge is a great safety item to keep in your glove box for emergencies. With two great colors, your company logo is sure to get noticed. En-gauge your clients in this one of a kind promo!

    Price start from : $ 1.44
    as low as : $ 1.44
    Shine some light on your brand with this barrel flashlight! Featuring a contemporary design, this compact flashlight is ideal for small spaces. The easy push button on/off switch activates the 6 bright LED lights to assist in all you need. The added wrist strap ensures that you won't lose this perfect light. Ideal for outdoor events and campgrounds, customize with an imprint of your company name or logo. Button batteries (inserted) included.

    Price start from : $ 2.17
    as low as : $ 2.17
    Keep a level head on your next promotion by giving out this practical tool. Measuring 9", this yellow plastic level features 3 directional levels and a magnetic edge. Made from high impact polystyrene plastic and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic, customize this item with your company name or logo for maximum brand exposure. Product dimensions: 9" x 1 1/2" x 5/8". Perfect for contractors and hardware stores!

    Price start from : $ 1.79
    as low as : $ 1.79
    Super slim compact three-bulb LED flashlight. Includes carrying strap, push-button on/off switch, and magnet in handle. Flat design.

    Price start from : $ 1.96
    as low as : $ 1.96
    Measure up against the competition by choosing this tape measure badge holder! This Good Value (R) holder uniquely combines a badge holder and tape measure, allowing you to conveniently access a tape measure on the go. Great for the healthcare and construction industries, this handy tool includes a 40" long retractable measure tape. Your business will be a big hit at your next marketing event. Order yours today and put your brand to work!

    Price start from : $ 2.56
    as low as : $ 2.56
    This flashy promo is bound to open new doors for your business! This item is the ideal multi purpose flashlight. The on/off button at the back illuminates the 6 ultra bright LED lights to ensure you can see where you are going. The screw on bottle opener ensures that you always have the necessary tools. With button batteries included and inserted, this handy aluminum flashlight with bottle opener is available in solid color options.

    Price start from : $ 2.97
    as low as : $ 2.97
    Featuring six ultra bright LED lights, illuminate your logo with this mini aluminum LED flashlight! Conveniently pocket sized, this compact sleek flashlight fits anywhere. With a push-button mechanism and 6 ultra bright LED lights to light your way, you will be able to see all you need. Available in solid color options, this flashy giveaway also includes a wrist strap and AAA batteries (not inserted). Ideal for outdoor and safety promotions!

    Price start from : $ 2.47
    as low as : $ 2.47
    Emergencies happen so make sure you and your customers are always prepared with this handy dynamo flashlight. Great for safety programs or green campaigns, this unique dynamo flashlight features three bright LED lights. Powered by squeezing the handle, this essential requires no batteries and will never let you down. Perfect for outdoor promotions, customize with your full color process imprint and shine some light on your brand!


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