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    2 1/2" Keep-it Clip

    Prices From $ 0.89 to $ 1.07
    Minimum: 250
    Item #: 402.5
    Small size is ideal for neatly holding coupons and small bags together.
    13% off

    4" Keep It Clip

    Prices From $ 0.92 to $ 1.00
    Minimum: 250
    Item #: 404
    Description: Just the right size to keep papers organized together or tightly seal small food bags. Features a patented design with sturdy gripper teeth and a durable internal metal spring.
    15% off

    6" Keep-it™ Clip

    Prices From $ 1.01 to $ 1.10
    Minimum: 250
    Item #: 406
    Description: Great size for keeping snack bags freshly sealed or keeping documents grouped. Features a patented design with sturdy gripper teeth and a durable internal metal spring.
    11% off

    9 Inch Frisbee Flyers

    Prices From $ 1.18 to $ 1.29
    Minimum: 250
    Item #: 963
    Value-priced, 70-gram plastic Adheres to CPSIA guidelines and marking requirements Large, 5 1/2" diameter imprint area
    11% off

    Antibacterial Toothbrush Holders

    Prices From $ 1.02 to $ 1.11
    Minimum: 250
    Item #: 3765
    FDA Approved antibacterial agent prevents the spread of germs. Plastic holder protects toothbrush from contacting other surfaces. Suction-cup design attaches to mirror.

    House Keep-it™ Clip

    Prices From $ 1.77 to $ 1.93
    Minimum: 250
    Item #: 411
    Description: Keeps food bags freshly sealed and documents tightly grouped. Ideal for real estate agents, construction and food delivery companies.

    Bamboo Sharpen-It Cutting Board With Gift Box

    Prices From $ 15.10 to $ 16.47
    Minimum: 50
    Item #: 2393
    Cut up the competition with this bamboo sharpen-it™ cutting board with gift box! This practical two-tone cutting board is made from 100% renewable bamboo wood and meets FDA requirements. The recyclable cardboard gift box with your logo will present your gift beautifully. From charcuterie to everyday cutting this board delivers so use it as a gift for customer appreciation, employee recognition, company meetings, corporate milestones, and anniversaries. The board measures 12" x 9" x 3/4" is available in brown, and the box can has several imprint options to choose from for you branding. They will appreciate this great gift and your brand for years to come!

    Evans Manufacturing

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